Koh Lanta, The Legend: The episode of this Tuesday, November 16 not broadcast, the reason revealed

Loïc at the end of his strength, a candidate immediately eliminated at the end of the test … Lately, melty revealed to you what will happen in the next episode of Koh Lanta, The Legend. Obviously, we are not definitely at the end of our surprises! Remember (how to forget), last week Teheiura got kicked out of the program for breaking the rules by asking fishermen on the island for food. A tele-media scandal which made Internet users react and this, in particular because other candidates of the show would be involved in this cheating affair. But, so far, only Teheiura has assumed the responsibilities, and by extension, the consequences. Following this departure which is widely talked about on social networks, the next episode of Koh Lanta is obviously eagerly awaited! Unfortunately, viewers are going to have to be patient …

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Teheiura, iconic adventurer in the center of attention this past week – Credit (s): Instagram teheiura-official

The reason ? The next episode of the anniversary season of the adventure program will air on Tuesday, November 23 at 9:05 p.m. and not on Tuesday, November 16. Indeed, instead of Koh Lanta, The Legend, TF1 will broadcast the 2022 World Cup qualifying match between the France team and that of Finland. It will then be broadcast live on the first channel at the time at which the show is usually scheduled. Obviously, this change in the usual schedule of broadcasts established by TF1 made many Internet users react.

A deprogramming that aroused strong reactions

On Twitter, the official account of Koh-lanta, The Legend posted about this schedule change and responses to this tweet are sometimes virulent. We can read : “Wait 15 days, after an episode cut in two and marked by the scandal, It will have a damn bitter taste this waiting …”, “No koh Lanta, hard blow”, “What do you mean? Koh Lanta place? “, or “There is no Koh Lanta this evening, I will break everything”. It would therefore seem that TF1 is criticized for having left its audience unsatisfied (no pun intended …). Also, while waiting to discover the next episode, know that a former candidate from Koh Lanta confessed to having cheated during her season.

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