Koh Lanta, The Legend: Teheiura fired for cheating and denounced by some candidates? The production takes the floor

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While a former candidate from Koh Lanta has confessed to having also cheated with her teammates in her season, the Teheiura affair never ceases to be talked about. In the edition All Stars currently broadcast on TF1, the 43-year-old adventurer accepted food from fishermen and the same shared with his comrades, which earned him his exclusion. Today, the Polynesian fully assumes his error, which was discovered by the production because of the feedback from the microphones. But for some, Teheiura would have been denounced by candidates of the show. To silence the rumors and put an end to the threats, the production spoke on November 16, 2021 …

On Twitter, Adventure Line Productions wrote: “Dear viewers, despite numerous reminders to calm, the adventurers of Koh Lanta continue to receive name-calling and death threats. No adventurer has denounced Teheiura for having received food at the camp. Teheiura admitted alone his moment of bewilderment. No event related to this game gives the right to send insults, threats and hate messages. We strongly denounce this kind of behavior and advise adventurers to file a complaint. Koh Lanta is a game! “.

TF1 had already shared a press release in October 2021

On October 26, 2021, TF1 had already shared a press release on the web to protect participants from Koh Lanta, The Legend. “We wanted to remind that the show remains a game and that insults, threats and hateful messages against the candidates do not need to be. If Koh-Lanta is a show that we all love to comment on, it is important to do so with kindness and respect for others “ could we read in particular. Hopefully this new update will bear fruit this time … In the meantime, we invite you to discover everything that will happen next week in Koh Lanta, The Legend.

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