Koh Lanta, The Legend: Phil does not exist in the program? A former balance winner

Ugo, who annoyed Claude by winning the last immunity test in Koh Lanta, The Legend, reacted. If the two men have been talking about them since the beginning of the show, another adventurer is more discreet on the screen. This is Phil, who despite his role as ambassador this season, is not often at the heart of the intrigues, which has been noticed by several Internet users. “Phil he doesn’t exist he’s worse than Ava”, “Too bad Phil is non-existent in this Koh Lanta” can we for example read on Twitter. And on the social network, a former winner of the TF1 game swung on the candidate …

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Phil – Credit (s): TF1

“I’m going to sound mean. But frankly with each episode I wonder what Phil does in the captions … Non-existent besides …” wrote Action, who is the first woman to have won Koh Lanta in 2002, before deleting his tweet. Then, in the comments, she added: “And what is he crying … No really an ok candidate. A legend no”.

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A very strong opinion that was not to everyone’s taste … In any case, the episodes of this All Stars edition are talking a lot this year. It must be said that between the headliners who give their all, the clashes or even the cheating of Teheiura, there is plenty to do! Otherwise, know that we finally know why the residence of the final jury of Koh Lanta, The Legend has never been revealed.

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