Koh Lanta, The Legend: Loïc in tears after being eliminated on a test, Internet users moved

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After two weeks of absence, Koh Lanta, La Légende is back on TF1. And this beginning of the episode begins strong, since for the test of comfort, there will be a person who will be eliminated … The adventurer who will arrive last in this game will have to leave the adventure. And you will understand, it is Loïc who lost. A big blow for the young man who immediately burst into tears. Devastated, Loïc was able to count on his comrades to cheer him up. And this hasty departure made Internet users react, who were very touched. The proof with the few messages which are just below.

“No, Loïc he did not deserve to leave #KohLanta (…) Oh no, Loïc little cat (…) OMG, Loïc he makes me cry (…) Koh Lanta will no longer have the same flavor without Loïc (…) My heart is broken (…) Is it ashamed or not to cry in front of #KohLanta?, we could read on Twitter.

And if Loïc was very saddened by his departure, he quickly found a smile when he discovered that he had a second chance. The young man went to the island of the banished where he found Christelle. The latter will then face each other in a duel in the hope of remaining in the competition and returning to the time of the orienteering event. Otherwise, know that a former candidate from Koh Lanta revealed that there had been cheating during her season.

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