Koh Lanta, The Legend: Claude and Laurent desperate to eliminate Ugo, internet users are angry

Yesterday on TF1, Internet users were able to witness the elimination of Loïc in Koh Lanta la Légende, a moment that greatly affected the fans of the program. Much appreciated by viewers, Loïc moved his fans when he left! In this episode, Laurent and Claude also took advantage of their comfort game far from the island reward to talk about strategy. The two friends realized that the post test was fast approaching, and that it might be necessary to be strategic for the next elimination.… Claude and Laurent had thus chosen to attack Ugo by voting for him on the council.

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Claude and Laurent ready to do anything to eliminate Ugo – Credit (s): Instagram laurentmaistret

Only, Ugo won the totem pole by facing Laurent in the immunity test, which guaranteed him to be saved this week. A situation that displeased Claude, who could not hide his disappointment after the test … What Internet users did not appreciate at all! The Twittos let loose: “Claude’s miserable reaction after Ugo’s victory. Frankly, he disappoints me this season “,” Claude he is serious with his reaction of haters because he will not be able to eliminate Ugo “ ?

Yet very appreciated by fans of Koh Lanta Claude’s attitude made him lose points with the public: “But Ugo is really the best this season, I repeat it again Ugo> Claude”, “Ugo is really THE REVELATION of this Koh Lanta La Légende! He well deserves + the final victory that Claude we will not lie to each other “… This internet user has summed it up: “Claude who passes in an evening of hero to public enemy number 1 on Twitter”! The writing of melty also reveals here the unexpected revelations of Alexandra, who confides to have abandoned Koh Lanta the Legend.

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