Koh Lanta, The Legend: After Teheiura, a former candidate admits to having also cheated with her teammates in her season

Last week, the most buzzed moment on social networks took place in Koh Lanta, The Legend with the departure of Teheiura who was fired for cheating. And since this story came to light, languages ​​are loosening … On her Twitter account, a former candidate for Koh Lanta also revealed to have cheated in his first season. She and her comrades also ate in secret! This candidate is Maud Garnier who participated in Koh-Lanta, Nicoya in 2002 then in Heroes’ Revenge in 2012. Confidences that we invite you to discover below.

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Maud Garnier – Credit (s): TF1

“It was 20 years ago, there is a prescription, I remember it with a smile on the corner of my lips, like kids who had defied the ban! It was once in 40 days of survival, for a few bites stolen as a team so Teheiura you see, you’re not alone… “, wrote Maud on the social network with the blue logo.

And during an interview with TV Mag, she also said: “One evening, there had been a big deluge and all the film crews had taken the boat and left our camp as a matter of urgency to protect their equipment (…) They had forgotten to take their coolers. We were as excited as they were. kids who were afraid of being punished. We shared the rice salad and sandwich bread with mayonnaise. And we had sips of soda. The quantities weren’t huge, but it was a blast of flavor for us “. Moreover, we offer you a summary of all the cheating that there has been in Koh Lanta.

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