Koezio Cergy: the unusual adventure park of Val d’Oise

By Laurent P., Julie M., Rizhlaine F. Photos by Laurent P. Posted May 14, 2022 7:18 PM

Escape game and thrill seekers meet at Koezio, a “special agent” training center located in Cergy Pontoise, in Val-d’Oise. Combining physical challenge and puzzles to solve, the establishment hits the mark with families, groups of friends or colleagues with its various activities on offer. Shall we take up the challenge, friends?

Do you want to go on an adventure without straying too far from Paris? We go to Koezio Cergy to discover different fun and sporting experiences to do with family, friends or colleagues in one of the most innovative adventure parks. An original course entitled Elite Agents which offers you the chance to face different tests and succeed in both intellectual and physical challenges, in order to become a Special Agent in less than 2 hours!

Koezio, LazerCrossKoezio, LazerCrossKoezio, LazerCross

The principle ? Each player on the team is dressed in a special suit and equipped with an innovative system of RFID chip. The objective is to get to the end of this journey strewn with pitfalls in order to become a Special Agent ! A mission divided into 4 areas:

  • District 1: The Warehouse
    You are invited to immerse yourself in an immersive journey in search of clues in a maze with an industrial setting, full of special effects. Your memory and your sense of observation are called upon…
  • District 2: Engine Room
    On an area of ​​900 m2 of giant game modules, you must find “electrospots” that you will then have to trigger to score points. Release and fun guaranteed!
  • District 3: The Computer Room
    This area invites you to take the time to reflect, together, through a set of games of skill, observation and knowledge quizzes around a “multitouch” table.
  • District 4: Aerial Routes
    Climb 12 meters high and evolve in total safety thanks to our continuous lifeline. Overflow and strong emotions. Finish the adventure by sliding down our giant slide!

An adventure center that goes even further, by offering another adventure, in virtual reality this time. Title Icecube Protocol, this experience invites you to investigate as an agent the disappearance of ice on Earth. Lovers of karaoke are not left out either since a room is completely dedicated to them, for a moment of delirium between friends! And after the effort, the comfort… Koezio Cergy, it is also a food and drink area where you can come and have a drink, enjoy a good pizza or a waffle. And you don’t even need to book a game to come and savor the delicacies on the menu!

Koezio Cergy, the innovative adventure park of Val d'OiseKoezio Cergy, the innovative adventure park of Val d'OiseKoezio Cergy, the innovative adventure park of Val d'OiseKoezio Cergy, the innovative adventure park of Val d'Oise

Fun, challenges, cohesion and mutual aid: this is what awaits you during this unforgettable experience, in a world at the cutting edge of technology. The opportunity to reveal the adventurer who is in you… Let’s go, friends?

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