Kobe Bryant jersey estimated at over $5 million soon to be auctioned

Auction house Sotheby’s hopes to sell between five and seven million dollars an iconic jersey of basketball legend Kobe Bryant, who died tragically in a helicopter crash in 2020, it announced Thursday.

Such a price would exceed the record of 3.7 million dollars, in 2021, for a jersey of the icon of the Los Angeles Lakers with five NBA titles and two Olympic gold medals, and would be close to the heights for a sporting article. of collection.

The market, which now attracts wealthy collectors and investors from all over the world, saw its auction record broken twice in 2022: in May, a shirt of Argentina captain Diego Maradona worn during the FIFA World Cup in 1986, was purchased for $9.3 million; in September, a jersey of Chicago Bulls No. 23 Michael Jordan, worn during his last NBA title win in 1998, fetched $10.1 million.

Jersey endorsed 25 games

The yellow and purple jersey N. 24 of Kobe Bryant, put on sale by an owner who wishes to remain anonymous, had been endorsed in 25 matches by the player, the year he was named best player of the regular season (MVP , 2007-2008), according to Sotheby’s.

It’s also the tunic he donned on April 23, 2008, where he was immortalized by photographers celebrating a three-point shot against the Denver Nuggets, clutching the jersey and screaming a victory cry. An image reproduced on walls around the world by street artists, especially in Los Angeles.

Its purchase price the last time it was auctioned in 2013? $18,678.

According to Sotheby’s, the context was different, because at the time the shirt had not been authenticated for so many encounters, nor for the one that gave rise to “the image that galvanized the public after the tragic death of Kobe”. .

Throughout the season, “this jersey has been worn 25 times, and it has scored 645 points with it,” Brahm Wachter, who heads the streetwear and modern collectibles department at Sotheby’s, told AFP. The item, on display in New York from February 1, is part of a larger online sale of collectible sporting goods from February 2-9.

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