KNVB is not yet going to CAS for a ban on OneLove band

The KNVB has decided not to go to the international sports tribunal CAS for the time being to challenge the ban on the OneLove captain’s armband, according to the statement. NOS. The Dutch football association has decided this with six other football associations.

These other federations are the federations of Belgium, Germany, Denmark, England, Wales and Switzerland. The unions wanted this World Cup playing with this OneLove band, which stands for connection. However, FIFA indicated just before the World Cup that players wearing this band will be punished with a yellow card.

The unions were not happy with this and reacted disappointed. Despite this, the unions listened to this and decided not to force a yellow card by wearing the tie. For a while it seemed that the unions would go to the CAS, but that was disproved a little later.

Van Dijk about not wearing OneLove band

After the duel with Senegal, Orange captain Virgil van Dijk explained why the OneLove band was not worn. “We were prepared to make a statement, but starting the game with a yellow card is not very convenient. Especially not at my position. I would have loved to wear the band, but not at all costs. Too bad I couldn’t, but I’m here as a footballer first and foremost,” said the Liverpool defender.

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