Knocked down by the House of Representatives: End of plastics here!

Disposable plastic cutlery, cups or ear sticks. If sellers are still selling such products today, that will be the end of the law. The standard was approved by the Chamber of Deputies in its third reading yesterday. It has to start paying within two months after it is published in the collection of laws. “We anticipate that the law will go through the legislative process during the fall,” Aha! spokeswoman for the Ministry of the Environment, Dominika Pospíšilová.

Without an extra fee

After the ban, which is based on the directives of the European Union, nature should be greatly relieved. “I am convinced that perhaps millions of single-use plastics will disappear not only from the counters of Czech stores, but also from the Czech nature, which sometimes count their lives literally in seconds,” said the deputy and ex-minister of the environment in the House of Representatives yesterday Richard Brabec (56, YES). And won’t we have to pay extra for more ecological substitutes? “There is no reason to expect such a trend,” assures Dominika Pospíšilová.

What will be next?

Plastic drinks bottles will have to be made from up to 30 percent recycled content by 2030. In addition, it will not be possible to tear off the lids or caps from the container.

Nature could be relieved.

What does the ban cover?

1. Cotton swabs.
2. Cutlery (forks, knives, spoons, chopsticks).
3. Plates.
4. Straws.
5. Drink mixer.
6. Rods for holding and supporting balloons, except balloons for industrial or other professional use.
7. Food containers made of expanded polystyrene
8. Beverage containers made of expanded polystyrene, including their caps and lids.
9. Beverage cups made of expanded polystyrene, including their caps and lids.
10. All products made from oxo-degradable (ie decomposable) plastics.

What else passed the House?

● State payments to the healthcare system for pensioners, children, students or the unemployed will probably decrease again from August after the increase in January. From 2024, the automatic valorization of state health payments is to be introduced at the same time. It will be based on the monthly amount of 1,900 crowns per insured person, which the state will pay next year.

● Authorities and other institutions will probably have to provide information on the salaries and remuneration of senior civil servants. The approved amendment to the Act on Free Access to Information provides for this.

What about beer mugs at outdoor events? Do they also have utrum?

Beer cups, as long as they are not made of expandable polystyrene, but of another type of plastic, can normally continue to be used. According to the law, however, they must be marked accordingly.

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