Knew? This is what fitness star Pamela Reif likes to nibble on!

Sports cannon Pamela Reif (25) is known for her well-trained figure, but does the blonde sometimes sin? Recently, YouTube notoriety has been sharing their love of cooking online with increasing frequency. In their app and on their social media channels, you can now find numerous healthy recipes to cook at home. The all-rounder has even released two cookbooks! In an exclusive interview with Promiflash the fitness beauty now reveals which stimulant she loses her composure with.

When asked by Promiflashwhether there is an unhealthy delicacy for which Pamela can not do without, the 25-year-old reacted initially in the classic fitness manner: “Not really, really, because in my opinion I have always found a healthier alternative for everything and therefore I do not miss anything”. But then she let out a secret desire: “Where I can’t pull myself together is nut butter. I could stand there in the kitchen after dinner and spoon out half a glass for dessert.”

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She noted herself that nut butter is not unhealthy per se, “but I think that if you go overboard, it might not be so good either”she specified her thought. Overall, the fitness blogger has been taking a more relaxed approach to her nutrition plan for some time. In August of this year, she said that she hadn’t counted calories for months and that she’d rather listen to her body.

Pamela Reif, Webstar
Pamela Reif, Fitness-Influencerin

Alexander Koerner / Stringer

Pamela Reif, Fitness-Influencerin
Pamela Reif, YouTuberin

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