KMI also warns for slippery roads on Friday morning

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On Thursday night and Friday morning, the RMI and the Agency for Roads and Traffic also warn for slippery roads. Winter precipitation in combination with freezing temperatures at night can cause dangerous situations on the road. Code yellow is in force in all Flemish provinces, from 6 p.m. tonight until 10 a.m. tomorrow morning.

Gilles Liesenborghs & Laurence Torck

In most places in our country, temperatures will dip quickly below freezing again tonight, only on the coast it will not freeze. Since the RMI also expects some winter showers or snow showers locally, they warn for slipperiness in all provinces. The precipitation is mainly expected in the first part of the night, but the frozen moisture can still cause problems until tomorrow morning.

Anyone who has to go on the track tonight or tomorrow morning, therefore, better be careful. Code yellow was also in force on Thursday morning. There were a few accidents at the time, but the nuisance was all in all limited, says Peter Bruyninckx of the Flemish Traffic Centre: “It was a fairly busy morning rush hour, but that could not immediately be linked to the slippery roads. In most places, the slipperiness was not too bad.”

“What will happen tomorrow is difficult to predict. Traditionally, Friday is the quietest morning rush hour of the week, so that could possibly be a windfall.”

Morning and evening rush hours

The Agency for Roads and Traffic asks road users to be particularly careful when they take to the road. “Keep your distance and drive calmly is the message,” it says in a press release.

In addition to a possibly difficult morning rush hour, there will also be a possible smooth evening rush hour with a precipitation zone that moves across our country from north to south. There is cold air after that zone, which can cause road surface temperatures to drop below freezing, resulting in slipperiness. Road users are less inclined to moderate their speed when the road surface is wet – in contrast to snow.


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