KMCA asks BTS to reconsider their break, ARMY defended the group

Going on indefinite hiatus as Bangtan boy group Sonyeondan caught many people off guard. Not only did their fans suffer when they thought that this could mean a separation, even the music industry has thought about how this would affect South Korea. For that reason, the president of KMCA released a statement asking BTS to continue promoting as a group.

Following the release of Proof, his most recent compilation album, bts expressed his desire to take a break from his group activities to focus on his solo careers. Now the KMCA ask for reconsider take that break for the good of South Korea.

BTS. // Source: Twitter @BIGHIT_MUSIC

The news of indefinite rest of BTS greatly affected the entire fandom, who became sad and even thought that the group would separate. Fortunately, the members were quick to assure their fans that this was not a split, they simply wanted to focus on their individual projects.

This news went around the world and worried thousands of people in the industry, especially the Korean Music Association (KMCA), who was quick to ask the group to think better if they really take a break from music.

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BTS’s break could seriously affect Korean industry, says KMCA

Recently, KMCA president Lee Ja Yeon released a statement calling on BTS to reconsider their indefinite hiatus from the music world and how this could greatly affect the entire Korean industry.

In her statement, Lee Ja Yeon mentioned that BTS are the ‘new beatles‘ and that his break in the world of music could cause ARMY to withdraw his interest in South Korea, which would seriously affect not only music, but also tourism in the country, making the ‘BTS Hallyu Craze‘.

Similarly, he mentioned that he communicated with the National Assembly and the government to press for the ‘Military Service Law’ so that BTS can continue working within the industry, ensuring that Korean popular culture should have the same special treatment as Koreans. athletes and representatives of classical music.

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ARMY asks KMCA to let BTS rest and make their own decisions

Although many BTS fans wish the group would continue to bring joy to them with their music, they fully respect their decision to take a break and support them. Ensuring that the group has worked tirelessly for the past nine years, it is time for them to focus on them.

For this reason, the statement from the president of KMCA was not taken with good eyes, since they consider that they are only thinking about the money that the group generates and not really about their health or what they want, assuring that they only want to overexploit BTS. Do you think that the KMCA statement could change the group’s decision?

In other news, BTS mentioned how they see themselves in the distant future, do you want to know what each member had to say?

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