Kleopatra Asteroid This mysterious asteroid looks like a dog favorite bone clear pictures first seen

Cleopatra Asteroid . Our solar system is full of many mysteries and astronomers are always trying to solve these mysteries. After much effort, astronomers have been able to take clear pictures of the Dog Bone asteroid with the help of the Very Large Telescope located in Chile. This is the first time that clear pictures of this mysterious asteroid Kleopatra have been seen. Astronomer Frank Marchis, who researched the Kleopatra Asteroid, said that it is the most unique object ever known in our Solar System.

Kleopatra Asteroid Looks Like a Dog’s Favorite Bone

Scientists are also surprised to see the pictures of Kleopatra Asteroid that scientists have found because its shape is like a ‘dog bone’. The biggest surprise is that Kleopatra Asteroid also has two moons. Now scientists are engaged in research about how Kleopatra Asteroid and these two moons came together.

dog bone-like asteroid

Kleopatra Asteroid was discovered in 1880

The Kleopatra Asteroid was discovered by astronomers long ago in the year 1880. Kleopatra is orbiting in the asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. A few decades ago, in research, it was found that Kleopatra has two moons. In 2008, astronomer Marchis and his colleagues saw both the moons of Kleopatra. Both of them were named Alex Helios and Cleo Selene after the children of the famous Egyptian queen Kleopatra.

Kleopatra Asteroid is 200 million miles away from Earth

Astronomers have recently found new data with the help of the Very Large Telescope’s Spectro-Polarimetric High-contrast Exoplanet Research (SPHERE). SPHERE has taken clear pictures of Kleopatra and its two moons, located about 200 million miles from Earth. SPHERE is also equipped with a high-power adaptive optics system, which can clear images that are blurred due to Earth’s atmosphere.

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