Klára Cibulková revealed a difficult secret: I suffer from severe scoliosis

For the profession of an actress, this diagnosis is sometimes difficult, but Klára still does not give up even action figures. “I always work with my amazing physiotherapist on the role. He will guide me on how to make movements so that I do no harm. I have it more demanding in this respect, but I don’t want to give it up, “Klára said on the air of Czech Radio.

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Scoliosis Onions doctors diagnosed at the age of ten, when she immediately received a corset up to her neck and at the age of 16, surgery was to follow. “I turned her down because I wanted to try DAMU entrance exams and I knew I wouldn’t move for a year,” Klára admitted, adding that the doctors had predicted that she would not have children. “I have two, I gave birth to both naturally. I practiced the whole time, it was difficult, but I managed it. I have to train all the time, my illness requires will and discipline, “added the actress, whose character Dr. Hanák from the Surgery in the Rose Garden was loved by the audience.

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