Klaassen sees vulnerable Ajax: ‘Tactical things that are not going well’

Davy Klaassen is critical of Ajax’s current form. Wednesday during the game against Vitesse the midfielder was allowed to start in the base, but he could not prevent a loss of points. He knows it has to be better – and fast.

‘If you don’t beat Vitesse at home, then you can scratch your head. We have to win on Saturday and then go into the winter break,” he said NOS. Klaassen saw Ajax create enough opportunities, but he does not want to hide behind that. “Normally you often win this match, but you also just give away chances. Those are tactical things that don’t go well. You can prevent that.’

During a period like the current one, it is not always cake and egg within Ajax, Klaassen admits. ‘If someone is not playing, he sometimes goes to the trainer. That makes sense and that happens in every team with guys who are not happy with their playing time. That also happens here. But it’s always difficult to say afterwards what the problem was.’

It is striking that there is a lot to be gained against Ajax in the transition. Opponents regularly cut easily through the defense and that is a bad thing. Klaassen believes that the team from Amsterdam has shown in the past that it can also be kept closed in the back with the chosen playing style. ‘It can be defended, we have certainly shown that in recent years. Things are not looking good right now and that is clear.’

Klaassen about the atmosphere at Ajax


Finally, the veteran discusses the atmosphere on the work floor at Ajax. “If things aren’t going well, boys aren’t happy. That is also part of a club like Ajax. If you conced so many goals and play such football, you can’t go with one big smile walk around. That’s not possible. It shouldn’t take too long before things go well.’

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