Kitten Kay Sera, the woman who married the color pink in La Vegas after almost 40 years of relationship

Marriages between people and inanimate objects – from trees to robots – are nothing to write home about. One can even marry himself, but a woman of U.S She defied all known standards by getting married to a color, specifically pink after 40 years of relationship.

(57), originally from Houston, Texas, is known on social media as “The pinkest person in the world” And she assures that she fell madly in love with the tonality alluding to femininity when she was 20 years old when she chose the outfit that she was going to wear at her party: a top, a fluffy skirt, pink shoes and accessories.

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According to the British newspaper , that was the beginning of her idyll and Kitten Kay Sera assures that wearing the mentioned color every day makes her “Feel fantastic”, to the point of spending more than 1 million dollars over the years to transform his wardrobe, car and home into a pink paradise.

How it occurred to him to marry the color pink

In dialogue with the television station In Las Vegas, the newlywed said that the idea of ​​marrying with the color began to haunt her head in 2019 thanks to a boy on a skateboard who told her in a mocking tone that she liked pink a lot. “When I answered yes, he only managed to say that I marry him then. ‘That’s a good idea,’ I thought “he added.

That’s how she began to go through the motions to make her love for pink official and, while the idea of ​​getting married with one color may seem strange to more than one, Kitten wants to encourage people with her history to follow their hearts and do everything in their power to reach their goal of being happy.

The pink wedding, the most eccentric of all

For the original ceremony held in the chapel In Las Vegas, Kitten Kay Sera arrived aboard a pink Cadillac – whose former owner was the American singer Elvis presley– wearing a baby pink tulle dress to marry her longtime partner.

Not only was the food and decor pink, as the bridesmaids and guests also wore pink outfits. When the bride went down the aisle, the train of her voluminous pink dress seemed to float on a bed of pink petals and the groom (who was a cardboard with all the shades of pink) was waiting for her.

When it came time to deliver the ring, the bride gave herself a huge pink diamond and, when exchanging vows, instead of using a bible to swear allegiance to her partner, the bride preferred to do it on a copy of Magazine with a vibrant pink cover that she starred in.

After giving the “Yes I accept”The newlyweds climbed into the pink Cadillac and sealed their union with a kiss. Later, both participated in their first dance as spouses and celebrated with their friends. In a post by Instagram, Kitten shared several photos of what the “better day” of all his life.

This is how the wedding of Kitten Key Sera and the color pink was celebrated

Who is Kitten Kay Sera?

is a Hollywood-based character actress, television personality, and singer with more than 100 appearances and appearances on TV shows around the world, as well as being featured in various films, blogs, and magazines.

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Her stage name is used to maintain her privacy: it is made up of the phrase “sex kitten” (one of her songs) and the other is a paraphrase of “Que Sera”, the famous song by her favorite artist, Doris Day.

What does the color pink transmit?

According to , the color pink symbolizes kindness, the positive, sentimental, sensitivity, courtesy, good education, childhood and innocence. According to color psychology, pink is a sign of hope, inspiring warmth and feelings of comfort. In addition to projecting good thoughts that everything will be fine.

How do you say the color pink?

Occasionally, pink is differentiated from pink by the influence of English, where pink is a light color, while rose is intense or darker, however, they can also be treated as synonyms, depending on .

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