Kirsten Dunst says she is proud of the "upside down kiss" in "Spider man"

Kirsten Dunst claimed to feel great pride in the famous “upside down kiss”, staged in the first film of the “Spider man”, released in 2002. The romantic scene has become a staple in superhero movies and has become a pop reference over the years.

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In an interview for the magazine “W Magazine”, the Golden Globe-nominated actress for her role in “Attack of the Dogs” admitted that he did not imagine that this particular scene would have such an impact, and recalled the challenges of recording it.

“I didn’t feel like it was a famous kiss because Tobey (Maguire) he was… The water was rising up his nose from the rain, and then he couldn’t breathe in the Spider-Man suit, and then… It was very late at night. I didn’t think about it that way,” said the 39-year-old artist, who is also one of the favorites to win an Oscar nomination at this year’s ceremony.

Then he said that he received instructions from the director Sam Raimi to film the scene: “[Ele] gave me a book of famous kisses so it made me realize how romantic and special Sam wanted this to be. Even though I wasn’t necessarily feeling that way with Tobey hanging upside down,” he joked.

When reminded by the reporter Lynn Hirschberg that the scene is always featured in montages of “Most Famous Kisses in Film History”, Dunst stated, “Well, I’m proud to be a part of it. It felt like a big kiss.”

Tom Cruise help

In December of last year, Kirsten Dunst revealed to Netflix that she got help from Tom Cruise in her audition for a character in the film “Interview with the Vampire”, from 1994. At the time, the actress told about the process for the feature film of Neil Jordan.

She explained that she had to audition several times for the role of Claudia, a dying orphan girl who turns into a vampire. Dunst, who was 11 when she auditioned for the role, said Tom Cruise was “cheering” for her during her screen test with him: “I remember being the tallest of all the girls,” the 39-year-old actress said. years old.

“He had to pick each of us up and carry us around just to see how we stacked up against Tom and who seemed to be the most childish, I think. I remember Tom whispering to me, like, “put your legs under” so that I got as small as possible, because I was the tallest girl.”

“So I knew he was rooting for me. We were both from New Jersey, and I think, you know, he was like, ‘Let this girl from Jersey have the part,'” he said.

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The actress even commented, in an interview with “Vanity Fair”, about how strange it was to kiss Brat Pitt in the film, who was 31 years old at the time: “At that point, I was a little girl and he was like a brother to me. And It was really weird, even though it was a peck. I just didn’t like it. Other than that, I was treated like a total princess on that set.”

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