Kiril Petkov’s wife does not allow him to move to the Boyana residence


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09 January 2022, 15:00

John Travolta? This is one of my better portraits! Thus, Prime Minister Kiril Petkov commented for the first time on the comparisons of fans or critics between him and the star of “Brilliant”. Coupled as a double of actor John Travolta, the Prime Minister did not shy away from pointing it out as a better version with a dimple and a smile in front of supporters on social networks, wrote “Weekend”.Petkov even posted a photo of the young Travolta from the Saturday Night Fever above the party’s logo “Continuing Change” and he believes that their resemblance brings more benefits to the young formation than negatives. Unlike the electorate, which compares the image with praise that the original “Petkov” is far cooler, and with ironic comments such as “when you order John Travolta from” Aliexpress “, the wife of Prime Minister Linda has a strong opinion on the question. She just hates comparisons. “You have far better photos,” the blond Canadian commented under the beaten photo of Travolta and the comment of her partner.Madame Petkova does not want to hear that her husband is even compared to Travolta from his youth, as she herself did not like her partner’s already gained popularity outside of politics. The only love in the heart of the prime minister was irritated by the flattering comments and hearts written by Petkov’s fans because of his youthful image and solid bank account, and not because of his devotion to “We continue the change”.Because of Linda, Kiril Petkov severely limited his contacts with sympathizers. Again because of his wife, the couple with two of the children will not be transferred to the Boyana residence, Weekend has learned. The half of the prime minister, who runs a successful confectionery for healthy and gluten-free delicacies, preferred the family to continue living in the center of the capital, as it makes it easier to get to work. Despite rumors that the family will be moved to the ill-fated bedroom of former Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, the Petkovi family will remain in the apartment at 18 Ivan Shishman Street. enough nerves of the blonde beauty.

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