Kingsman The Golden Circle sex scene made Taron Egerton very uncomfortable

In “Kingsman: The Golden Circle”, Eggsy must deposit an implant in the body of Clara, played by Poppy Delevingne, during a daring scene. A moment that Taron Egerton dreaded turning …

Kingsman Le Cercle d’or : the agency is exported

After his muscular training and a clash with the terrible billionaire Richmond Valentine, Eggsy (Taron Egerton) is a seasoned spy when Kingsman : Le Cercle d’or begins. However, it is not enough to thwart the attack of the formidable trafficker Poppy Adams (Julianne Moore), who almost completely decimates the London agency.

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The only survivors of this massacre, Eggsy and Merlin (Mark Strong) drown their sorrows in a bottle of whiskey. They then discover the existence of Statesman, a secret organization based in Kentucky and having a liquor factory for cover. They decide to cross the Atlantic in order to find help from their American colleagues.

Upon their arrival, they are brutally greeted by Tequila (Channing Tatum), and then meet his colleagues Ginger (Halle Berry) and Whiskey (Pedro Pascal), as well as their boss Champagne (Jeff Bridges). Eggsy and Merlin mostly learn that Harry (Colin Firth) survived thanks to Statesman’s agents, but no longer has no memory of his past as Kingsman. His former student will therefore help him find his memory, while looking for Poppy. Calling for an end to illegal drugs, the leader of the Golden Circle cartel threatens to wipe out part of humanity after hiding a deadly toxin in her products.

Kingsman : Le Cercle d’or © 20th Century Studios

Elton John, Sophie Cookson, Emily Watson and Bruce Greenwood complete the cast of the sequel Kingsman : Services secrets, still orchestrated by Matthew Vaughn. The director has since continued to explore this universe with The King’s Man, prequel centered on the creation of the agency during the First World War.

The discomfort for Taron Egerton

If the surprise effect is no longer there, Kingsman : Le Cercle d’or continues to ape spy movies with disrespect which characterized the first part. Matthew Vaughn plays with the codes of the genre by infusing a saucy tone to his feature film, especially during the sequence at the Glastonbury Festival. Accompanied by Whiskey, Eggsy travels to the event to reunite with Clara Von Gluckfberg (Poppy Delevingne), the girlfriend of Charlie (Edward Holcroft), a former Kingsman recruit now working for The Golden Circle.

To corner the latter, Eggsy must equip Clara with an implant allowing her to be located. Problem: this implant must be in contact with the mucous membranes of the young woman to function, without her realizing it. The secret agent therefore endangers the couple he forms with Princess Tilde (Hanna Alström), having no other choice but to sleep with Clara.

A particularly complicated scene for Taron Egerton, in part because it reminded him of the controversial streak that had ended Kingsman : Services secrets, where Eggsy joins the princess in her cell after the final confrontation. Asked by Screenrant in 2017, the actor confided:

I was anxious about this scene. For the shot for the first movie, I was so anxious before we made it and Matthew hadn’t told me that I wouldn’t actually be in the shot. (…) He adopted my point of view. But in this one, I’m in the shot, so I said to Matthew, ‘I’m not comfortable doing this.’

Taron Egerton does not appear on the most delicate side of the scene in question, however, shot with James Cook, the companion of Poppy Delevingne. The actor adds:

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It’s not my hand, it’s Poppy’s husband’s. He saved the world.

Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman defend the scene

Faced with outraged reactions to the gritty final joke of the first installment, writers Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman decide to build a strong relationship between Eggsy and Tilde in Kingsman : Le Cercle d’or. This love story allows them once again to challenge gender stereotypes, including those of the license James Bond, as Jane Goldman explains to GQ :

Eggsy is not a misogynist. He’s an exemplary young man who doesn’t like bedtime like spies are supposed to, but wants a real relationship.

It is in this context that the sequence with Clara is not free according to the writers. In addition to making fun of the clichés, she puts Eggsy in front of a real moral dilemma, and does not focus on male pleasure. Jane Goldman adds:

It was really important to me that she was more than a willing partner, that she initiated sexual contact and that it was a pleasant encounter for her. During the scene, she is a little surprised that he is leaving but she had a great time. It was really important to me that there was nothing abusive.

Matthew Vaughn specifies for his part, always with GQ :

I just thought it was funny, I don’t know where it came from. Eggsy has to remove the implant but in doing so it ruins his relationship. There is an emotional impact. There is madness in the scene, but there is also the turmoil that the main character is going through, who has to do it. That’s why I think there can be an emotional connection to the stage.

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