King Charles III accused by former official of spreading lies about Princess Diana

Patrick Jephson, former secretary and personal assistant to Princess Diana, accused King Charles III of spreading false news about the Princess of Wales. The way Harry’s mother was treated by the Royal Family, including, became one of the controversial issues addressed by the former member of royalty in his book.

The former secretary spoke about the situation in an interview with the podcast “The Scandal Mongers”. According to Patrick, Charles and her representatives tried to convey the image that Diana was “uncontrollable” and “crazy”🇧🇷 Proof of this would be the repercussions of the famous “Vengeance Dress”, which will return in “The Crown”.

“Okay, it was a long time ago, but the man these people worked for is our king and this is the kind of thing that shouldn’t be buried, shouldn’t be purposefully put aside. It happened, in theory it could happen again and it can’t be brushed aside like it’s no big deal,” said Patrick.

“All this turned out to be established truth. If you ask royal officials, they would say (…) that she was mentally disturbed and therefore unfit for office,” he explained.

Harry doesn’t regret biopic book release


On January 10th, Harry will release the book “SPARE” (“What’s left”, in Brazil). In it, the prince will tell some strong and even traumatic events from his life. According to US Weekley magazine, the monarch is not sorry for the revelations he made in the publication.

According to real experts, among the subjects that must be addressed, are her childhood and the way Princess Diana was treated by the British monarchy. In addition, Charles’s romance with Camilla will also be narrated from the duke’s perspective. In addition to controversies related to Meghan Markle.

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