King Charles: A photo catches the eye at the meeting between King Charles and King Felipe

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November 22, 2022

King Charles: Touching declaration of love to Prince George

King Charles, 74, and King Felipe, 54, obviously get along great. Pictures show the two monarchs intimately and heartily laughing during a brief visit by the Spanish leader to Clarence House on Monday 21 November. But Royal fans only have eyes for one special detail – a declaration of love to his grandson, so to speak.

Because on a dresser in the comfortably designed room in the home of the British king, there is a photo that shows him with Prince George, 9, in his arms on the day of his christening in October 2013. While the little heir to the throne seems content to slumber in a traditional christening gown, King Charles, then Prince of Wales, beams proudly into the camera.

King Charles posted a large photo of himself with Prince George at his birth.

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Prince Andrew and Prince Harry: Today they face a new royal disgrace

Prince Andrew, 62, and Prince Harry, 38, must expect another snub. According to “The Sun”, the British Parliament will make a decision on their future as Councilors of State today, Tuesday. According to the succession to the throne, the two royals are among the representatives of King Charles, 74, should he be ill or unable to attend. Queen Camilla, 75, Prince William, 40, and Princess Beatrice, 34, also do the job. On his birthday, November 14, 2022, the monarch also proposed his siblings Princess Anne, 72, and Prince Edward, 58, as Counselors of State before the House of Lords.

With Andrew falling out of favor within the royal family for his alleged involvement in the Epstein scandal and an abuse lawsuit, and Harry having lived in the United States with his family since retiring from senior royal circles, the House of Lords has now made a “reasonable change The House of Lords is set to debate today the Councils of State amendment to the Bill, which will focus on excluding members of the royal family who “have not regularly performed royal duties in the immediately preceding two years”.

November 21, 2022

King Charles bans traditional delicacies from all palaces

King Charles, 74, has been campaigning for sustainability and better animal welfare standards in agriculture for a long time, but the monarch doesn’t just talk, he also takes action. Charles has banned the controversial delicacy foie gras from all royal residences, according to animal rights organization PETA. A letter to the organization from a senior official of the monarch states that foie gras is not purchased by the royal household nor served in the royal residences and that there are no plans to change this policy.

Foie Gras is a popular delicacy in Britain, especially around Christmas time. However, production is prohibited there, import and sale is not. In the making of foie gras, geese are cruelly fattened with a tube inserted directly down their throats. Charles banned chefs at all his residences from serving foie gras as early as 2008, and a few years later the ban was extended to Buckingham Palace and all royal residences.

In recognition of his exemplary decision, Peta sent the king a vegan foie gras, the so-called “Faux Gras”, to the royal house.

Catherine, Princess of Wales: Mama Carole Middleton fulfills a heart’s desire

Carole Middleton, 67, the mother of Catherine, Princess of Wales, 40, has fulfilled a cherished wish: she has achieved a long-sought career goal and through her own mail order company for party supplies – “Party Pieces” – she has her own line on the market, as she reveals in her new newsletter. Topics such as “Shooting Star”, “Dino Researcher”, “Unicorn Fairy Tale Princess” and “King of the Ocean” are covered and promise a great decoration for possible children’s birthday parties. Of course, the decoration includes balloons, garlands, gold curtains, festive runners and much more. “I’ve finally fulfilled a wish and designed a collection for the perfect party,” writes Carole Middleton proudly in her newsletter. “Whether you’re throwing a kids’ party or getting together for a celebration, I enjoyed every moment developing these party pieces and I hope you enjoy them too.”

Mum-of-three Carole launched her online shop with husband Michael Middleton, 73, after planning Kate’s seventh birthday and found a niche in the party supplies market, unable to source the perfect decorations for such celebrations. And the business is booming: last month, the Middletons expanded to America with “Party Pieces”. Working part-time as a mother of three was not always easy for Carole. In an interview with “SheerLuxe” she told about the time at that time how she managed everyday life. “I had to be very organized, get up early and fit my work into school schedules, while my kids’ extracurricular activities sometimes gave me the gift of an extra hour or two.” Along with Catherine, Carole Middleton is mother to Pippa Matthews, 39, and James Middleton, 35.

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