KIMI: Zoë Kravitz hears a murder in the trailer for the new Steven Soderbergh

Before “The Batman”, Zoë Kravitz will be in “KIMI”, the new film by Steven Soderbergh. A thriller that is revealed with a trailer posted online by HBO Max which will broadcast the film in the United States.

Soderbegh continues with HBO Max

Steven Soderbergh is becoming increasingly rare in the cinema, but that does not mean that he has stopped directing films. After Logan Lucky (2017) and Paranoia (2018), the filmmaker alternates between feature films for Netflix and others for HBO Max. In France, No Sudden Move and The Great Crossing were broadcast directly on Canal. This may also be the case for WHOM, director’s new film for HBO Max.

For this film, the director chose to lock up Zoë Kravitz At her place. Indeed, KIMI follows an agoraphobic woman whose job is to analyze data streams. A job that allows her to stay at home with KIMI, her voice assistant. Until the day where she hears the recording of an act of violence. After trying to report her discovery to her business, she realizes that she has no choice but to leave her home to investigate and find the battered woman she overheard. Which is rather problematic when you are agoraphobic in the middle of a pandemic, as seems to suggest the trailer unveiled (in an article).

Zoë Kravitz – CHEMISTRY ©HBO Max

Zoe Kravitz dance WHOM before Batman

Steven Soderbergh should therefore offer us a new effective thriller totally influenced by our current society. In addition to do not hide the pandemic, WHOM should ask us about the use of voice assistants (type “Ok Google”) and the possible recording of conversations. Beyond that, the idea of ​​witnessing a crime through an audio recording is quite interesting. This reminds for example Blow Out by Brian De Palma, himself influenced by Blow Up by Antonioni. A reference which is not so surprising when one observes the filmography of Soderbergh. In De Palma’s film, John Travolta played a sound engineer who witnessed a car crash as he recorded new sound effects. While replaying his tape, he will realize that the accident is in fact hiding a murder.

Regarding WHOM, the film will be especially worn by Zoë Kravitz. The latter will also be on view in theaters this year with The Batman sinceshe plays Catwoman. Soderbergh’s feature film to be released on HBO Max February 10. We do not yet know if it will be released in France but, as said previously, we can hope for a broadcast on Canal +.

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