Kim Soo Hyun trained at JYP to become a part of Dream High

For years we have seen Kim Soo Hyun take over characters of all kinds and in all of them he wins the applause of the public, but to achieve it he tries everything necessary.

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Maybe you met him in a drama historical, fantasy giving life to an alien or even as a nurse who hides a dark past, but no matter what was the first character of his that you saw in the dramas, you can be sure that Kim Soo Hyun he was truly committed to playing that role.

It is korean actor He already has a long history and the key to his success could be his great talent or even his incredible look, but this boy never took anything for granted and tried hard to perform well in front of the cameras.

In more than one of its K-Dramas He has entered the world of idols and in one of them he even played an aspiring singer, but before the filming of that production took place, he entered to practice like a star of K-Pop.

Kim Soo Hyun temporarily practiced as an idol

One of this boy’s first dramas was Dream High, a series where figures like Suzy, Taecyeon and IU also participated to name just a few. This story was a huge success, but being in a musical K-Drama surrounded by idols also brought new challenges for the My Love From The Stars actor.

That is why before starting to shoot the episodes Kim Soo Hyun trained for three months at JYP Entertainment, improving his singing and dancing skills that would allow him to play his character as Song Sam Dong.

Kim Soo Hyun en Dream High. | Fuente: Twitter @JeonStephy1

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Kim Soo Hyun shows off her singing talent at Dream High

Since he was only able to receive a few months of training before filming began, he had to devote a lot of time and effort to the tasks assigned to him at JYP, but in the end it all paid off and he shone in his role.

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We saw him dancing and singing so he’s also part of the OST with songs like Dreaming, and the track Dream High that he performed with the rest of the cast.

Test what you know about Kim Soo Hyun and find out if you perfectly remember her dramas and characters, you just have to answer a fun quiz.

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