Kim Seon Ho and his projects face problems after accusations

Kim Seon Ho was involved in an accusation about forcing an abortion, while everything is cleared up, the Start Up actor is already suffering some consequences from the rumors.

We recently told you that an online publication accused a korean actor to shore his ex-girlfriend to have an abortion and after that a former journalist pointed out to Kim Seon Ho as the assumption accused. This has not been confirmed, but it has become a popular topic that continues to grow.

That is why while we wait for an official statement from the protagonist of Hometown Cha Cha Cha and your company Salt Entertainment some problems have arisen for the projects that the actor has underway.

Kim Seon Ho commercials affected by rumors

This year the actor It has established contracts with different brands to be its image in advertising campaigns, however now that the controversy has broken out, the companies have taken measures not to be affected.

An example of this happened with Dominos’ Pizza, the actor had commercial in video and various images modeling for the brand but now the publications have been deleted, archived or switched to a private mode to keep the contents out of reach of everyone while the rumors they have a resolution.

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Accusations of Kim Seon Ho cause a stir on the internet

Until now there is no certainty who is the actor spoken of in the original publication that started all this but speculation has not stopped growing, especially in the absence of a statement by the agency that represents the actor from Start Up.

While fans have shown a stance of support for Kim Seon Ho, many netizens expressed that Salt Entertainment should immediately take action and say something about it, but much of the comments reveal that they hope this whole thing is false or missing. related to this boy.

If you want to know more about how this controversy and rumors originated, here we tell you the details of why Kim Seon Ho is in the middle of the accusations.

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