Kim Seon Ho: Actor’s participation in Sad Tropics confirmed

It’s official! Kim Seon Ho remains in the cast of the movie Sad Tropics alongside great Korean actors. What will the star’s leading role be like and why is this production so important in your career?

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2021 Kim Seon Ho it was like a roller coaster, on the one hand, his smash hit with korean drama Hometown Cha Cha Cha And right at the end of the story, a scandal was uncovered that stopped his career, after it became clear and the actor is willing to return with new projects.

After a long wait, the production of the film Sad Tropics has confirmed the main cast, led by Kim Seon Ho, Go Ara, Kang Tae Joo, and Kim Kang Woo. What is it about and when it premieres?

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Kim Seon Ho and Sad Tropics raise the excitement of the fans, what is it about?

Sad Tropics tells the life of a boy with a Korean father and a Filipino mother who dreams of being a boxer, when his father abandons him, he has no other way than to travel to South Korea, where he interacts with dangerous people who will take him to a dark side. : 0

The tape directed by Park Hoon Jung It is not only important because it marks the return of Kim Seon Ho to the scene of the hello korean, also because it will be the debut in the cinema of the actor of the drama Start ‑ Up.

So far no photographs or more specific details of the plot have been revealed, so we will have to wait a little longer to delve into the Sad Tropics universe, what do you think of the next release of Kim Seon Ho?

Actor Kim Seon Ho. | Source Twitter @seonhomecha

When does Sad Tropics premiere with Kim Seon Ho? Fans await his debut in the seventh art

Sad Tropics will begin filming in December 2021, although it was intended to start in November, but the official release date is not yet known, it will probably be sometime in 2022.

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