Kim Rossi Stewart: “I am looking for God, I went to Medjugorje. In Christianity there are the wisest instructions for the man I have ever come across “

“I think there is so much good, so much good in Christianity and for this reason I investigate”. He’s a Kim Rossi Stuart what emerges from the long interview granted to Seven of the Corriere della Serawhich dedicates the cover to him a few weeks after the release of Brado, his third film as a director, an “anomalous western” in which a father and son meet to accomplish a sporting feat. “There is a lot of my relationship with my father,” he admits and then reveals how childhood and adolescence for him were an “incredibly tiring” period.

KIM ROSSI STUART TALKS ABOUT HIS SPIRITUAL PATH – The interview with Kim Rossi Stuart starts from a photo of him a few weeks ago in prayer in Medjugorje, a pilgrimage that comes after a story set in the sanctuary contained in his first book (released three years ago with the ship of Theseus, is called The healings) and which is part of the spiritual journey undertaken by the actor. “I was born in a context that is truly the polar opposite of Christianity. Up to excess. A hostile and critical context towards the Church, bordering on anticlericalism”, He reveals. For some time he has embarked on a journey of faith, study and deepening also thanks to some people “also from within the Catholic world, who have really surprised me and they made me think a lot about my prejudices towards that universe“. The director studies, investigates, and went to Medjugorje for this too. For “understand Christianity and its themes. I believe that beyond the degree of faith one can have on the most transcendental, most mysterious issuesin Christianity there are the wisest man instructions I have ever come across. Instructions for living, for being in this world ”. And he doesn’t rule out that sooner or later he could make a film “based on these things I’m studying and discovering”.

THE RELATIONSHIP WITH THE FAMILY AND THE COMPLICATED BEGINNINGS – Everyone knows that Kim Rossi Stuart is one of those characters who has made discretion a strong point. In this interview with Seven however, he indulges in various unpublished confessions, in particular on the relationship with his family and the choice to leave home, at the age of 14, to go to study in Rome. “We were without a penny. I opened the fridge and it was empty, something I had to invent. I started working right away. First I was a guest on some friend’s sofa and then I started renting an apartment, I was 16 ”, she explains. The turning point came in 1993 with his first major film and the death of his father. “The loss of a father is clearly a strong enough passage to live. I was 23 years old. But let’s say that childhood and adolescence were an incredibly tiring time for me. Up to the age of 27 it was like having a block inside. Of anguish “.

LOVE WITH ILARIA SPADA (AND THE NUMEROUS FAMILY) – There is also room for another foray into Rossi Stuart’s private life, in particular in the relationship with his wife, the actress Ilaria Spada. “Both my wife and I were convinced before we met that we would never have children “, confess. And for this both are surprised at the change that has overwhelmed them. “Trivially, those who have no children are told that they are really the turning point, the goal that gives a whole other perspective to life, well yes in short, now I fully think so too and now I understand who told me then: it really repositions everything to be parents, it’s a beautiful thing. After the first one we said “perfect, perfect three-way”. Then at 4 we said “but at 4 it is more … stable still”, now at 5, with the female after the two males … oh well plenty “. Will others arrive?

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