Kim Kardashian reacts to ex Pete Davidson’s alleged romance with Emily Ratajkowski

the socialite kim kardashian42, is at peace with the fact that her ex-boyfriend, the comedian Pete Davidsonaged 29, was seen in a romantic mood with the model and actress Emily Ratajkowski31 years old.

A person close to the socialite told the Entertainment Tonight website that she faced the news calmly and even “wish the two of them to be happy”:

“Kim is not bothered by Pete and Emily’s relationship, and knows that things are over between the two. She just wants everyone to live their best lives and be happy,” the person explained.

“Kim continues to do her best when it comes to sharing custody with Kanye. She is trying to focus on herself and her children’s happiness. She has been leaning on her very tight and balanced work schedule, diet and fitness regimen, family routine and much more,” she continued.

“Her family acts as her safe haven and she loves to be involved in anything and everything family related. Her children are doing great and feel very well cared for in the midst of the whole situation, ”she added.

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