Kim Kardashian poses as modern platinum blonde Rapunzel

Kim Kardashian (41) has done it again. The reality star knows how to turn heads with edgy outfits. The mother of four children has presented herself in a number of unusual looks in the past. Be it in a Hulk dress at Christmas or in Marilyn Monroe’s dress (✝36) at the Met Gala – the entrepreneur stands out. With her new look Kim but now the focus is on her hair.

On Sunday, the 41-year-old shared on her Instagram-page some snapshots in which she deliberately puts her platinum blonde mane in the limelight. In the pictures, which show her behind the scenes of a photo shoot, she poses Kim in a beige catsuit on a sofa. Her long hair falls over her shoulders and down her stomach to her hips. At the shoot is Kim even wrapped in hair from neck to elbow. About the photos, she asked ironically: “How the hell do you spell Rapunzel,” before answering the rhetorical question with a play on words herself.

How much the actually black-haired Kim but actually enjoys being a blonde, she revealed to the magazine allure. “I have a whole different energy when I’m blonde. I’m more confident when I’m blonde.”she explained.

Instagram / kimkardashian

Kim Kardashian, reality star

Instagram / kimkardashian

Kim Kardashian in May 2022
Kim Kardashian, Reality TV Star

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