Kim Kardashian overwhelmed by her role as a mother: Her son Saint is embedded in full live and pours out his hatred live

Mom’s life is not always easy. Kim Kardashian seems to have understood this. This Tuesday, June 21, while she was organizing a live Instagram during a car trip through the streets of New York, the star was forced to reframe her eldest son live. All cute, Psalm first said ” hello to his mom’s subscribers before Saint came and ruined everything. Facing the lens, the little boy said: ” Hello weirdos. If you watch this I hate you “. A statement that did not please Pete Davidson’s girlfriend much. Without further ado, the businesswoman also lectured her child, accusing him in particular of having a very bad influence on his little brother. ” Hey, stop that. Look what you teach him “explained the pretty brunette.

” He’s a good boy “

What did not fail to make laugh the boy who then took Psalm in his arms by declaring ” He’s a good boy “. It is in the company of his two sons that Kim Kardashian had chosen to go on the set of Jimmy Fallon for the show “The Tonight Show”. A decision that she seems to have regretted since the two brats have continued to disrupt the filming. Exhausted, Kim Kardashian also pointed out to viewers that her children were “ too loud “. Psalm was even expelled from the public to be able to continue the interview.

For the past few weeks, Kim Kardashian’s new reality show has been delighting fans on Disney +. The star had also been seen in tears in front of Saint after the latter unfortunately discovered a photo of his mother crying. ” There was a shot of me crying, and then I watched. And there was something very inappropriate like “Kim’s new sex tape” written on it. Apparently, these are unreleased footage from my old sex tape. The last thing I want as a mom is for my past to resurface twenty years later, especially for a while with my whole family. This shit is so embarrassing and I gotta deal with it […] If my son had been a little older and he could read, I would have been ashamed. » Ouch…


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