Kim Kardashian “breaks the web” by showing off her body in micro lingerie: “Hot”

the businesswoman kim kardashianaged 42, left the web in an uproar by sharing a series of photos in which she appears wearing very small lingerie🇧🇷

The poster girl for SKIMS 一 her women’s underwear brand 一, she showed off the front and back and received many compliments as she showed her butt in the mirror.

The post was so successful that the likes “exploded”, almost 2 million in just 5 hours. When seeing the photos, many people praised: “She is hot”, said an admirer. “You are over 40 and you look wonderful,” commented one internet user. “I’m going to pull the zoom”, joked another.

Despite the many accolades, Kim also received criticism because of the lingerie photos. Many people questioned the reality star The Kardashians if it was really necessary for her to pose in such small panties and bras.

“You are a billionaire, why do you take pictures like that?”, asked an internet user. “It looks like porn, I didn’t like it,” warned another. “Is this some kind of revenge porn? These photos do not match the Kardashians,” said a follower. “For me, everything there is very small, it will not cover anything here”, said another.

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