Kiev fears the final attack on Severodonetsk

Kiev, June 13, 2022 – War in Ukraine, in the day 110 the latest news they take us back to the Donbass offensive and to Severodonetsk. Here is the live news.

6.26 am, Arab League: no to pressure from the West

“Arab countries suffer strong pressure by the West to take a position on the crisis in Ukraine and condemn the military actions of Russia, but they will not give in to these dictates “: said the secretary general of the Arab League Ahmed Aboul Gheit, in an interview with Egyptian state TV taken by the Russian agency Tass. “The international situation today is very delicate – says Gheit -, as is the situation in the region. The Western world is exerting blatant pressure on Arab states to participate in theisolation of Russia. We Arabs have collective action in the context of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis ”.

4.24 am, Kiev fears the final attack on Severodonetsk

“There Russia wants completely isolate Severodonetsk “ and Ukraine fears a massive attack “to take the city” within 48 hours, with the final assault on theAzot plant. This was stated by the Ukrainian governor of the Lugansk region, Serguii Gaidai. “The situation in Severodonetsk is extremely difficult”. “The enemy has concentrated most of its efforts in the northern Lugansk region,” where “it uses large-scale artillery and, unfortunately, has a 10 to one advantage,” Valeri Zalouzhny, the chief commander, explained on Facebook. of the Ukrainian army. “We continue to maintain our positions”, he assured him anyway, stating that “every meter of Ukrainian land is covered in blood – but not only ours, but also that of the occupier”. Moscow claims it “destroyed a department store yesterday” of weapons supplied by Westerners.

War in Ukraine, on day 110 Kiev fears the final attack on Severodonetsk
War in Ukraine, on day 110 Kiev fears the final attack on Severodonetsk

2.30 am, Amnesty: Russia uses prohibited weapons

Russia’s indiscriminate use of weapons prohibited like the cluster bombs killed hundreds of civilians in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv. The complaint stems from an investigation by Amnesty International. The organization accuses Russian troops of indiscriminately bombing the residential districts of Kharkiv with rockets which by their nature have little accuracy to achieve certain objectives.

Amnesty International investigators found evidence of repeated use of 9N210 and 9N235 cluster ammunition, all of which are prohibited by international treaties. “The people of Kharkiv have had to face incessant indiscriminate bombing in recent months, killing and injuring hundreds of civilians,” he said in a statement. Donatella Rovera, consultant for Amnesty International. Rovera considered the use of such weapons “scandalous” and added that it shows Russia’s “absolute contempt” for the lives of civilians. According to the head of the medical department of the Kharkov regional military administration, since the beginning of the conflict in the Kharkiv region, 606 civilians They were killed and 1,248 others injured.

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