Kickcancer wants reimbursement for all childhood cancer treatments

According to her, a full reimbursement of all treatments for childhood cancers would cost 1.12 million more to the health insurance. A conference will be held on Saturday, the objective will be to open avenues of reflection to allow this reimbursement.

The majority of children with cancer are treated according to standard treatment recommendations established collectively following academic clinical trials. In other words, these are drugs proven to be safe and effective by European or international working groups specialized in a given type of cancer.

These treatments often involve the use of medicines that are approved for adults but which, despite having been used for many years in paediatrics, have no prospect of approval in children. “Why ? Because the process necessary to obtain the right to reimbursement for drugs used in a small number of children with rare diseases is considered too complicated and expensive, therefore not profitable, by pharmaceutical companies, ”says Kickcancer.

Consequently, many drugs used in pediatric oncology are used without official authorization and therefore not reimbursed despite their “standard of care” status.

If its non-reimbursed costs sometimes represent a colossal amount on the scale of a person, they would only represent a total of 1.12 million for health insurance as a whole, according to an analysis by several experts relayed by the Foundation.

“This non-reimbursement is not limited to financially weakening the families of a child with cancer: it also leads to an additional administrative workload estimated at 7,000 hours per year which weighs on all the professionals concerned, from pediatricians to social workers. “adds KickCancer.

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