Kherson, tied to poles and exposed to the gaze of passers-by: the photo of the two alleged Russian collaborators

A photo immortalizes them tied to a poleoutdoors, put there because the citizens of Khersonwhich have recently been able to return to their homes after the reconquest of the strategic city by theUkraine, can see them. The image, taken on Sunday 13 November and released by theAssociated Pressshow two alleged collaborators of the Kremlin captured after Kiev troops entered the city on Friday following the Russian withdrawal. In the photograph we see the two men from behind, their hands tied behind their backs to poles and passers-by observing them. A photo showing the first consequences of the communiqués released since Saturday by the Ukrainian police who asked the residents to report anyone who collaborated with the occupying Russian troops. Request that follows the statements of a few weeks ago from Kiev who promised zero tolerance for anyone who supported the illegal referendums in the 4 regions of Kherson, Luhansk, Donetsk And Zaporizhzhia.

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