Khargone News: The series of live tableaux started again

Barwani (Representative of New Zealand). The Barwani religion of Nimar-Zone, situated at the end of Maharashtra state, has its own identity in the field of faith. Ganeshotsav has also been an important link in this. Several Ganesh Mandals have been established in the city over the years. Along with this, the living tableaux made in it also have their own history. With the changing times, the caravan of live tableaux has come to a halt amid the ongoing celebrations of the floats that have been going on for the past one and a half decades. However, after years, the youth has started it again on the theme of Barwani heritage in the city.

One year after the Corona period in the city, this time Ganesh Utsav is being celebrated with pomp. The chants of Ganpati Bappa Morya are resonating in Ganesh pandals in the morning and evening. At the same time, the waves of bhajan-kirtan are flowing with live tableaux. The Raja of Barwani has been established in the Jhanda Chowk in the middle of the city as a heritage of Barwani. Ishwar Yadav of the committee told that till one and a half to two decades ago, live tableaux were made in the city. Due to this, the glamour of Ganeshotsav was created on sight. To re-light it, daily program presentation is being given. On Sunday night, the party of village Lohari mesmerized the devotees by presenting hymns during the Sundarkand recitation.

Presented the union of Krishna-Sudama

During Ganeshotsav, this time the committees have installed huge idols by putting up pandals at the squares and squares of the city. Attractive electrical decoration has been done on MG Road of the city, including Youth Traders Association, Otla Group, Raja of Police Station Square at Hospital Crossroads and other places. Presentations on different religious themes are being performed every day on the platform of Yuva Traders Association on MG Road. Ajay Khandelwal told that on Sunday night the children gave a presentation of Shri Krishna-Sudama meeting. First of all, after performing aarti of Ganesh ji, Prasad was distributed. This was followed by Ganesh Vandana. In the night, the living tableau kept the devotees captivated.

Worshiped Shitala Mata

Santan Saptami was celebrated on Monday as part of Ganeshotsav. During this, women worshiped Sheetla Mata and prayed for happiness and prosperity. In the temple located in Tailor Gali, women reached for worship throughout the day. On Tuesday, on the occasion of Radhashtami-Dadhichi Jayanti, the manifestation of Radhaji will be celebrated.

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