khajoor ka gud ke interactions: Palm Jaggery: Not only sugarcane but palm jaggery is also healthy, learn the benefits of palm jaggery from the nutritionist of Rakul preet

Bollywood actress Rakul Preet Singh’s dietician-nutritionist Munmun Grewal gives all kinds of health tips to people on her social account every day. Munmun generally tells the merits of some food item. His latest post is about jaggery made from date palm juice. He has shared a post in which he has informed people about Palm Jaggery. You will all know about jaggery made from sugarcane but you will be unaware of the Karupatti variety of jaggery. In this article, we tell you about palm jaggery by quoting a dietician.

Dietician told the merits of palm jaggery

In the post shared on Instagram, Munmun writes, ‘Jaggery which tastes like chocolate and is very healthy. But not many people know about this gem called ‘palm jaggery’, which is mainly made from the sap of Palmyra Palm. The taste of this jaggery is unique, which looks like chocolate in food. It contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. I discovered this sweetness during my yoga training course in Madurai.

Know the benefits of palm jaggery from nutritionist

This jaggery used in coffee is a storehouse of nutrients

Dieticians say that ‘in comparison to refined sugar, palm jaggery ie palm jaggery retains minerals even after the manufacturing process. It is a storehouse of many minerals like iron, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. It is known as Karupatti in Tamil and is used in a variety of sweets. It is eaten directly, as well as used in Karupatti filter coffee. A similar jaggery made from date palm juice is also very much liked in Bengal, where it is called ‘nolen jaggery’ and is used in the very popular ‘sondesh’.

Palm jaggery can remove anemia

Nutritionist Munmun says, “Due to the presence of iron, this jaggery is a great source of energy and has the ability to cure anemia. Its glycemic index is also very low. Karuppatti is generally quite hard and does not dissolve quickly, as it is not highly polished, as well as color discrepancies. But also remember that the better things look, the more they are refined. You can also call it Palm sugar.

Improves digestion and full of energy

It is said that regular consumption of palm jaggery maintains good digestive health. This jaggery regulates bowel movement by activating digestive enzymes and helps in keeping the system clean and tidy. Unlike white sugar, palm jaggery is rich in mixed carbohydrates and is easy to digest. You can stay energized for hours after eating palm jaggery.

helps in reducing weight

The amount of potassium is found in palm jaggery, which can also be helpful in weight loss. This jaggery also helps in reducing bloating and dehydration, which in turn helps in controlling weight. You can also use this jaggery to get these health benefits.

Helpful in treating cold and cough

Palm jaggery helps in giving relief in many other ailments, the most common being cold and cough. Added to a hot cup of tea or water, it helps to clear the respiratory tract and relieve many symptoms.

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