Key Reveal in the Avatar 2 Trailer: This is a scene you should pay close attention to

Finally there is a first trailer for “Avatar 2”. This shows that a dead character from Part 1 is returning.

Science fiction fans can look forward to this year “Avatar: The Way of Water” the next big blockbuster highlight that, like the first part, has the potential to change the film business. Director James Cameron is returning to Pandora after a ten year break and has a few surprises in store for us. So it has long been clear that Dr. Grace Augustine (Sigourney Weaver), who passed away in “Avatar: Pandora’s Adventures,” will also be in the sequel.

As the first “Avatar 2” teaser trailer proves, she’s not the only character coming back from the dead. Also Colonel Miles Quaritch (Stephen Lang), the villain from the first part, is part of the party again. In the trailer, some Na’vi can be seen wearing human clothing and wielding weapons. One of these figures writes on the upper arm bird tattoo, which Quaritch wears in the same place in Part 1. Obviously these Na’vi are actually avatars, which would also explain their clothing. Presumably, Quaritch narrowly escaped death in “Avatar” by transferring his soul into his Avatar body. See Quaritch’s return for yourself at 0:53:

Colonel Miles Quaritch in four more films

Both Cameron and Stephen Lang have been openly discussing a villain reunion for some time. A few weeks ago, the actor faced confirms that he will also be in the four other “Avatar” films:

“I think he’s an incredibly fascinating character and who wouldn’t return if [James] Cameron wouldn’t be fascinated by her too and is dying to see where he goes next. Where does this character lead him as an author, as a director? And where is it taking me as an actor? So I think you’re definitely going to see extreme development in the character and probably moments of character regression. Hopefully over a period of four more films. Of course, it has to be very, very interesting for you to end up taking a journey or witnessing a character embark on an interesting journey through life […] That’s what we want to do.”

If you don’t remember who Colonel Miles Quaritch is, watch the first film again

Quaritch’s return is definitely not the only surprise in store for us. After all, the trailer also indicated that there are Na’vi with green skin, as well as numerous novel water worlds. We’ll find out how Cameron continues the story of “Avatar” from December 14, 2022when the film hits theaters.

You know Pandora like the back of your hand? Then put your knowledge to the test:

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