Key Alves confesses strategy used against Bruna Griphao and Larissa at ‘BBB 23’: ‘I was outrageous’

The game inside the “BBB 23” came to an end for key alves and the volleyball player has taken advantage of the days outside confinement to take care of her look, see her family and meet Gustavo, her love interest on the reality show.

Like everyone eliminated, the ex-sister has already addressed the main events of her career in the most watched house in the country and had the opportunity to explain a little about her great rivalry with Bruna griffin It is Larissa. In an interview withMesacast‘ of ‘BBB is on‘, Key recalled the episode in which he chose an all-black look.

The occasion cited by the athlete was Bruna’s leadership party with the theme ‘Greece’. Getting into the mood of choice, the ‘brothers’ wore white clothes during the special night, except for Key Alves, who took a dark dress out of her suitcase and stood out among her colleagues.

‘I was outrageous’

According to Key, the choice of the ‘all black’ look was deliberate to ‘annoy’ the rival. “She and Larissa wanted to decide everything. I’m not ‘Maria goes with the others’. When they arrived saying: ‘Everybody in white’, I was outrageous, I was already hunting for my black dress, “she explained.

And he added: “I wanted to mess with the psychological. I wanted to piss them off and I know it pissed them off. I said: ‘Guys, you don’t order me, it’s my house too!‘” clarified Key Alves.

GusKey live?

Despite rumors that the relationship between Gustavo and Key Alves would only be a reality show, the two proved to be firm and strong. The ‘cowboy’ was eliminated from ‘BBB 23’ a week before the athlete and stated that he would wait for her to talk about the future of the novel.

The former participants of the reality show met for the first time outside of confinement during Key’s participation in the program “Domingão com Huck”, which will still be shown on Sunday (12). After the excitement, the lovebirds went out for dinner and Gustavo even met his father-in-law. (Check out photos in the gallery above!)

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