Kevin Spacey: The shooting of the thriller Peter Five Eight has ended, the film is looking for a distribution

Actor Kevin Spacey stars in the thriller Peter Five Eight, which has closed filming, seeking a release at the Cannes Market.

Kevin Spacey is returning to leading roles in the cinema and the film will be presented at the Cannes Market Peter Five Eight, of which the first photo was shared. The shooting of the project has already been completed and the producers are now looking for distributors internationally.

In addition to Kevin Spacey, the Peter Five Eight film also features Rebecca De Mornay, Jet Jandreau and Jake Weber. Michael Zaiko Hall is instead busy directing.
At the center of the plot is real estate agent Sam (Jandrau), who turns out to have problems with alcohol addiction and a dark secret. Spacey will play the role of a charismatic stranger who suddenly arrives at the behest of his powerful and dark boss, Mister Lock.
In the story proposed by the film, as the promotional materials explain, “The culprit always pays a price”.

Here is the first photo of the film:

Kevin Spacey in the movie Peter Five Eight

Another project starring Kevin Spacey will also be presented at the Cannes Market: 1242 – Gateway to the west, a historical drama. The films are among the first to be offered to potential financiers and distributors at the Cannes Market following allegations of sexual harassment against Kevin Spacey in 2017.

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