Kevin Spacey: Star has to pay over 30 million dollars

Kevin Spacey
Star has to pay over $30 million

The verdict against Kevin Spacey remains.

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Court defeat for Kevin Spacey: The ex-star from “House of Cards” has to pay the production company of the Netflix series $ 31 million.

Former Hollywood superstar Kevin Spacey (63) has apparently finally failed in his attempt to avoid paying a fine in the tens of millions. This is reported, among other things, by the US site “The Hollywood Reporter” and relies on relevant court documents.

Spacey was fined nearly $31 million in November last year in favor of the Netflix series House of Cards production company. The reason given was that Spacey had violated MRC’s policy on sexual harassment and thus committed a breach of contract.

Objection is unsuccessful

The star’s appeal against this verdict has now been rejected by the responsible judge from Los Angeles. Spacey and his lawyers argued that the claim was riddled with “errors of fact and law.” In addition to Spacey, his two production companies M. Profitt Productions and Trigger Street Productions are asked to pay.

The total consisted of $29.5 million in damages, $1.2 million in legal fees and $235,000 in other costs. “We are satisfied with the court’s decision,” the lawyer for the “House of Cards” production company MRC is quoted as saying.

Big name in the MeToo scandal

Alongside Harvey Weinstein (70) and Bill Cosby (85), Spacey is one of the most prominent faces in the MeToo scandal that broke out in 2017. Several young men accuse Spacey of having been indecently touched by him without consent. This is also the case on the set of “House of Cards”, where Spacey caused a “toxic working atmosphere” with crude comments and sexual assaults.

In response to the allegations, it was decided at the time that the show’s final sixth season would be completely reimagined and shot without Spacey. These far-reaching changes have resulted in financial damage in the tens of millions, for which Spacey now has to pay.


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