Kevin Spacey prepares to return with the historical drama 1242 – Gateway To The West

1242 – Gateway To The West will be Kevin Spacey’s first major role since sexual assault charges were brought against him in 2017.

Kevin Spacey prepares to return to the stage with the historical drama 1242 – Gateway To The Westwhich will see him part of a rich cast that also includes Eric Roberys, Christopher Lambert and Terence Stamp as well as rookies Jeremy Neumark-Jones and Genevieve Florence.

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Filming of 1242 – Gateway To The West will kick off in October in Hungary and Mongolia. As The Independent reveals, the film will be directed by Hungarian veteran Peter Soos, who will use a script written by Aron Horvath and Joan Lane.

The film tells the story of Genghis Khan’s grandson, Batu Khan, who was elected commander-in-chief of the western part of the Mongol Empire. Skilled military leader, Batu Khan won battles from China to Persia and was given responsibility for the invasion of Europe, but in 1242 he was confronted with a deeply spiritual man and a castle in Hungary that interrupts his invasion of Europe and the eventually caused its fall.

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After allegations of sexual harassment by actor Anthony Rapp were leveled against him in 2017, Kevin Spacey appeared in Peter Five Eight and the Italian low-budget film The Man Who Drew God, but 1242 will play the first role. in a big production for Spacey and his return to Hollywood.

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