Kevin Spacey owes millions to the productions of "House of Cards"

Kevin Spacey was fired from “House of Cards” by Netflix in 2017 following sexual assault charges. He will also have to pay $31 million to the production company of the series.

The fall of Kevin Spacey

Before 2017, the career of Kevin Spacey was doing well. The actor was the star ofHouse of Cards, one of Netflix’s first big hits. At the same time, we could see it in the cinema as in Baby Driver (2017) by Edgar Wright. And then came the Harvey Weinstein case which led to #MeToo, which saw victims of sexual harassment report their alleged attackers. Kevin Spacey then made the subject of multiple charges. First by actor Anthony Rapp, who accused the star of trying to abuse him when he was just fourteen.

Subsequently, his attitude on the set ofHouse of Cards was also singled out. According to several employees, Kevin Spacey would have behaved inappropriately during the production of the series.

House of Cards ©Netflix

As a result, Netflix made the decision to dismiss the interpreter of Frank Underwood for the sixth and final season. In its place, to bring the series finale, it was Robin Wright, who plays Claire Underwood, who found herself in the foreground.

A confirmed conviction

We can then say that Netflix knew how to react in the best way to save the end ofHouse of Cards. Even before the slightest verdict was rendered, it was unthinkable to see the platform continue its collaboration with the actor without risking a real outcry. This did not prevent the production company MRC from estimating that it had suffered significant loss of income and to claim damages from Kevin Spacey. In 2020, already, an arbitration had gone in favor of the production. But it is only today that we learn by Deadline confirmation of this sentence by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mel Red Recana.

For the arbitration, Kevin Spacey’s conduct on set constituted “a material breach of his acting and executive producer contracts“. The judge then announced the sentence and the actor will have to pay 31 million dollars for damages and legal costs.

For his part, the actor, through his lawyers, accepted this decision while maintaining that he did not agree with the conclusions that were made. He has, in fact, constantly denied all the harassment charges against him. Last May, he was still charged with sexual assaults against three men in the United Kingdom. The facts would have taken place between March 2005 to April 2013, for which Kevin Spacey had pleaded not guilty.

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