Kevin Spacey: New film after the allegations?

Kevin Spacey
New film after the allegations?

Kevin Spacey, here in 2017, is set to star in a new period drama.

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Kevin Spacey has been quiet in the film world since the allegations. He will soon be working on his biggest film project since.

Kevin Spacey (62) has apparently landed a role in a major film production for the first time since the allegations of abuse were made against him. He is to be seen in the British-Hungarian-Mongolian production “1242 – Gateway to the West”, according to US media reports.

be it according to the industry magazine “Deadline” the biggest project for Spacey since 2017 after numerous men accused him of sexual assault during the #MeToo debate. However, two charges did not result in a conviction. Nevertheless, the allegations had serious consequences for the actor: Netflix terminated his contract and he was cut from the hit movie “All the Money in the World” and replaced by Christopher Plummer (1929-2021). Since then, Spacey hasn’t happened in Hollywood.

Filmprojekt does not seem to have a distributor yet

In mid-2021, Spacey was first spotted again filming in the United States. US media published recordings at the time, which are supposed to show him on the set of the film “Peter Five Eight”. It had previously been announced that the actor would appear in Franco Nero’s (80) film “L’uomo Che Disegno Dio”.

Filming for the new project is scheduled to begin in October 2022. The historical drama tells the story of Genghis Khan and his grandson Batu Khan. According to the website “IndieWire” will be Spacey embody the “deeply spiritual” Cesareani in “1242 – Gateway to the West”. According to “Deadline”, those responsible will start looking for a distributor for the project at the upcoming film festival in Cannes. In addition to Spacey, Christopher Lambert (65), Terence Stamp (83) and Eric Roberts (66) are to be seen in the film. Directed by Peter Soos.


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