Kevin Spacey awarded in Turin: “I didn’t hide. Everyone was afraid to look for me”

“I never locked myself in the den. I have never hidden, I have not gone into a cave. I continued to liveto go to the restaurant. I drove my car, I play tennis, I continued to hang out with my friends and be around people”. Kevin Spaceythe most talented actor of his generation, won two Academy Awards, to sparkle in the memory of all spectators for his ambiguous, mocking, enigmatic and elegant performances – from “The Usual Suspects” to “S7ven”, from “American Beauty” to the “House of Cards” series – it had not disappeared. It was us viewers who lost him, cinematically, for five years. Since the actor was swallowed by the wave of #MeToo, with one lawsuit won, but other proceedings still ongoing. We find it again now, a Turin. Where on Monday January 16 he received the Star of the Mole, an award established by the Cinema Museum directed by Domenico De Gaetano, and where he held a very crowded masterclass. Before the ceremony, in the morning, we met him. Relaxed, serene. For breakfast, cappuccino and Coca-cola. Together.

Kevin Spacey awarded in Turin with La Stella della Mole (Lapresse)

Mr. Spacey, how would you describe your present? How do you live it?
“I’ve never been one to make long-term plans. I never said to myself: ‘I will play Shakespeare’s Richard II at the theatre’ and then, instead, it happened, in the most prestigious theater in the world. Of course, I wanted to be an actor, and my parents were against it. But my story is no different from that of many other people who had to fight for their dream“.

Now, four independent films involve her. It’s a comeback…
“Even when I started, no director believed in me: then the first one came out who bet on the young actor I was, and it all started. Somehow, it’s always been like this.”

The one who bet on her now was Franco Nero.
“Yes, it’s true. At a time when everyone was afraid to look for me, to offer me a role, he looked for me, he made me go back to the set. He called me, and he said: ‘I don’t care about anything else, I want you in my film’, which is called ‘The man who drew God’. It was a gesture I will not forget. He has given me immense pleasure, as a person and as an artist ”.

If you could write a letter to your young self, what would you say?
“Ahaha! Good question. That would be a nice exercise: I could tell my kid self that there are so many things one does when one has no experience; I could tell him that you learn a lot along the way. But ultimately, I don’t feel that different from the guy I used to be.”

Spacey talks about his life today, inevitably conditioned by the allegations and trials for sexual assault still ongoing in Great Britain

Turin, in these days, has cradled it. You also went to the stadium to watch the Toro match, and they offered you a shirt… What are the other cities in Italy that are close to your heart?
“Turin, since I discovered it, has conquered me. But I consider myself very lucky to have worked in many Italian cities. In Rome I filmed ‘All the money in the world’, and I discovered a wonderful city; in Naples I took ‘Riccardo III’ to the theater and found an exceptional audience. In Ravello I shot a film on Gore Vidal, and I had the opportunity to visit the Amalfi Coast, a jewel”.

How does social media live, the exasperation with which everyone judges the lives of others?
“I don’t use social media, I don’t feel the need to. Quite the contrary. Sometimes, what you need to do, to find answers and possibilities for the future, is to respect silence. Facing moments of silence“.

Gina Lollobrigida has disappeared in these hours. A great protagonist of Italian cinema…
“It is a very sad day for all Italian and world cinema. She was a passionate actress, she had an incredible life and she was incredibly talented”.

Hollywoodat the moment, she turned away from him. But Italy doesn’t, and Turin in particular: people stop him on the street for a selfie, and fifteen hundred went to the screening of “American Beauty” last night. We will soon see the American actor in various independent projects: “The man who drew God”, directed by Franco Nero – and produced by the almost homonymous Louis Nero – but also “Once upon a time in Croatia”, a film about the first Croatian president , Franjo Tudjman, who led his nation to independence. In “Control”, he will give the voice to a hacker who holds the protagonist hostage, locked in her car.

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