Kev Adams victim of sexual impotence and mockery: "I knew it, it shows on his face!"

Kev Adams’ latest show is available on Netflix. In “The real me”, the 31-year-old comedian tackles very personal subjects. Starting with sexual impotence. ” It is the most taboo subject among men in 2022. Male impotence “, he explains on stage in front of a hilarious audience. ” So I wrote a sketch about it “.

He then imagines himself in the shoes of someone who has just had a breakdown. A situation that seems strangely familiar to him. ” As soon as the guy gets up to go to the bathroom, you grab the phone, group with all the girlfriends: ‘Girls, you’re never going to guess what just happened to me. The guy failed!’ And the girlfriend who answers: ‘I knew it, it shows on her face. He has a droopy nose, that says it all. That’s typical of Capricorns, that.’ »

” It is unfair “

But if the women laugh at this impotence, the man, for his part, questions everything. ” We men, we live a very complicated moment, at that moment, in the bathroom, all alone, you start having a discussion with a part of your body. A real, very serious conversation: ‘What are you doing to me? Not now, not after everything we’ve been through! Please, not now! I considered you as my son, I measured you every year! Look at me when I talk to you, Jordan. Look at me ! Damn it worked with everyone. With Sylvie, with Véronique, with Claudette! No problem ! “, he launches before continuing: “ And where it’s unfair friends. Where human anatomy is unfair is that you’re having the worst night of your life, you’re questioning all of your manhood, all of your masculinity. And the next day, you’re on the train. The landscape scrolls. You eat a fruitcake that you bought at the bar car. And there my friend, you have something that goes up to you… You are there ‘No, not now’! “True story or simple interpretation? Only Kev Adams could tell…


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