Kerline compares ‘BBB’ with ‘A Fazenda’ and makes a revelation about Record’s reality show

Last eliminated from “A Fazenda” and without having the opportunity to participate in the fake farm that moves the program this week, Kerline participated in the Link Podcast this Tuesday (29) next to her ex-affair, Shayan, with whom she had a relationship not approved by her mother during confinement in the program, and commented on his participation in the Record programin addition to comparing the production with his experience in “BBB 21”, won by Juliette.

Surprising the audience when talking about the fee he received when he participated in “BBB”, Kerline mentioned the Globo program again, which already has the first name confirmed for the next edition’s Camarote, and made a revelation about the program’s production. 🇧🇷Both productions are very good.🇧🇷 But there is one thing I’ll take my hat off to🇧🇷 Farm production is more humane”, he revealed.

“Whether you like it or not,You may think there are a lot of breakouts, but it is🇧🇷 ‘BBB’ is very black and white. This is how it goes. They are very strict”, explained the participant who saw Deolane simulate a punch in her face, behavior that made a deputy ask for the participant to be investigated, including her threats against Bárbara Borges.

Shayan praises ‘BBB’ and Kerline talks about farming in ‘A Fazenda’

Next to Shayan, who also participated in the podcast for the second time, Kerline observed when the Iranian, expelled from the program, gave his opinion. “Sometimes it’s better. When you have to have rules, you have to be strict🇧🇷 And I’m not saying that The Farm is bad or good. But you have to be strict if not the cast won’t respect your rules“, commented.

🇧🇷I’ll have to take my hat off to the farm. The difference, the dynamics, it’s all tied together. That rock… We can die from strategizing and it never turns out the way we imagine. Well-prepared tests, impeccable scenery, the lantern that disturbs people“, commented Kerline.

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