Kerala air india express flight crashlanding at kozhikode aaib report non adherence to sop by pilot flying

The plane crash investigation in Kerala released the investigation report into the plane crash at Kozhikode airport last year. Around 20 people lost their lives in this accident. He was seriously injured by several people. According to the AAIB report, the pilot may not have followed standard operating procedure. Let us tell you that on 7 August 2020, Air India Express’s B737-800 plane met with an accident at Kozhikode airport. The plane was about to take off towards Dubai, but crashed off the runway and broke into pieces.

190 people were on the plane

190 people were on board the Air India plane. 29 people including both the pilots died in the accident. The report has been released a year after the accident. Which states that the pilot did not follow the SOP. Due to which the accident happened. The AAIB has reported in the report that the pilot had landed the plane in the forward zone. Despite this, pilot monitoring had asked to go around.

Operation of large aircraft stopped

Major aircraft operations at the Kozhikode airport have been suspended following the accident. The clearance was awaited on the basis of the investigation report. Minister of State for Civil Aviation VK Singh had said in the Lok Sabha last month that the families of those killed in the accident have refused to take compensation. At the same time, 73 of the injured passengers accepted the offer of compensation. The government has given compensation of Rs 60.35 crore.

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