Kendji Girac overbooked: This madness that he agrees to find his daughter during his tours!

To date, Kendji Girac is one of the most successful singers in France. As a reminder, the main interested party made himself known by winning the 3th edition of The Voice in 2014. The rest you know… Everything accelerated for the artist. The interpreter of “Tiago” has multiplied the tubes and the awards. Thanks to his talent and notoriety, Kendji Girac has also been able to collaborate with the biggest stars. Including Gims, Ariana Grande or even Soolking to name a few.

In full promotion for his new tour, the singer gave an exclusive interview to Current wife. After several months of inactivity due to the pandemic, he takes pleasure in performing concerts. “I returned to the stage quite quickly, just after the second confinement [qui a pris fin le mardi 15 décembre 2021, ndlr.] I discovered a masked public, but I was very happy to have it in front of me”, he confessed to our colleagues. “When you see people who are there to listen to the music I make, it’s great. And when I found them, I was like a kid unboxing his first toy on Christmas Day. »

“I’m leaving her at home…”

However, the confinements allowed him to slow down. Normally, Kendji Girac leads a life at 100 per hour. “I was with my family, with my guitar, all my relatives were together. I was in Bordeaux and the weather was nice,” remembered the interpreter of “Conmigo”. “We were locked up, but it allowed me to recharge my batteries, rest and work on my songs from a distance”.

If his career fills him, his daughter Eva Alba comes first. “When I’m on tour, there’s a lot of distance and travel. I leave her at home”he revealed and concluded: “In general, I leave four, five days maximum and after I return to her”. Precious moments that Kendji Girac cherishes every day.


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