Kendall Jenner’s absolutely scandalous dress at a friend’s wedding: the bad buzz!

To date, Kendall Jenner is one of the highest paid models around. Thanks to her notoriety, Kylie Jenner’s sister has a series of partnerships with the biggest brands. On social networks, the incendiary brunette unleashes passions with her countless publications. But for several days, the daughter of Kris Jenner has hit the headlines. The cause ? Last November, Kendall Jenner attended the wedding of her friend Lauren Perez.

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To mark the occasion, the star bet on a sublime creation by the iconic stylist Vera Wang. Being a bridesmaid of the bride, the latter strictly adhered to the dress code imposed by the lovebirds for the first part of the ceremony. As for the sequel, Kendall Jenner was free to wear whatever she wanted. Keen on fashion, North’s aunt wanted to teach style. Obviously, Kanye West’s ex-sister-in-law opted for an outfit that was a little too alluring in the eyes of Internet users …

Not a little proud of her evening, Lauren Perez unveiled on December 31, 2021 some pictures via her Instagram account. Facing the camera, David Waltzer’s wife poses with some of her smiling guests. Among them, Kendall Jenner who flaunts her dream figure in a sublime black dress with a diamond-shaped cutout. A sartorial choice which had the merit of ulcerating certain subscribers of his sidekick: “WTF, what is this dress”, “What a shame to flaunt herself like this… She’s not at Fashion Week”, “It’s so inappropriate”, “A dress to wear when going out to a nightclub , not for a wedding ”. In the turmoil, Lauren Perez was keen to defend Kendall Jenner by stating that she had “Loved her outfit”. Stung, she ended up deactivating the comments of her post to be quiet. End of the controversy?


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