Kendall Jenner for laughing on social media – people are shocked at how she cuts cucumber

Kendall Jenner has gained 236 million followers on Instagram and has an estimated fortune of more than 500 million kroner.

But she has more than a hard time cutting an ordinary cucumber.

It shows a clip from the series ‘The Kardashians’, in which Kendall Jenner tackles two such alternative cutting techniques that her mother, Chris Jenner, eventually calls the family chef and asks if he can cut the cucumber for his daughter.

Of course, such absurdities do not go unnoticed on Twitter, where users are simply in shock and the somewhat strange clip that you can see later in the article.

  • I can not get enough of Kendall Jenner, who is so keen to prove that she is not a rich, spoiled girl that she insists on making her own snack and in trying to cut a cucumber almost makes her shoulder go off joints.
  • I will never forget the sight of Kendall Jenner’s insane attempt to cut a cucumber.
  • Kendall Jenner’s attempt to cut a fucking cucumber is the most tragic I’ve ever seen.
  • The way Kendall Jenner cuts cucumber will haunt me.
  • It may be that Kendall Jenner is rich and famous, but I can at least cut a cucumber.
  • You can not convince me that the clip where Kendall Jenner is trying to cut a cucumber is not some avant-garde piece of art.
  • When you feel like you’re bad at something, see how Kendall Jenner cuts cucumber.

There are also several who question whether there has been a deficiency in upbringing since she does not possess as basic an ability as cutting vegetables.

The humor in the clip, however, has not passed the protagonist’s own nose.

Kendall Jenner has gone to the keys herself and has shared one of the many tweets that make fun of her. In addition, the star writes briefly and well:


However, Kendall Jenner and her family are far from unfamiliar with the attention.

At the recent Met Gala in New York, it was the sister Kylie Jenner and the half-sister Kim Kardashian, who each ran with the attention of their extravagant choice of dress.

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